29 April 2014


HL7227 (c/n 35977, l/n 2047), a 737-7HF BBJ registered to the Hanwha Group, is here at HNL, after a flight from HOU. According to this Korea JoongAng Daily article, Hanwha's Chairman Kim Seung-yoon is undergoing medical treatment in the US.

35977 was originally delivered to Luxury Ocean Ltd in September 2006 as VP-CLL, with a VIP interior. In March 2007, it was acquired by White Sapphire LLC as N888AQ. The Hanwah Group acquired this BBJ in September 2010, still wearing the previous owner's livery. In mid-2012, it was painted in the above livery.

Mahalo to team member Clipper Hawaii for the article link.

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