02 April 2014


N874AC (msn 2874), an A320-232, owned by Wells Fargo Bank Northwest (WFBN), is making its ferry flight from MNL to the US mainland, and is scheduled to stop at HNL.

2874 was originally purchased by the Aviation Capital Group (ACG) in September 1996, and leased to Air Deccan [DN/DKN] (India) as VT-ADU. When Air Deccan was acquired by Kingfisher Airlines [IT/KFR], its name was changed to Simplifly Deccan. In October 2008, the latter carrier ceased operations, and the fleet transferred to Kingfisher. VT-ADU was withdrawn from service in February 2013, and stored. At the same time, WFBN acquired it from ACG, then registered it as N874AC.

04.04.14 Update
N874AC arrived at HNL at 0157HST, and left 90 minutes later for OAK after a quick refuel. We were unable to get a photo of N874AC at HNL.


David W. said...

N874AC is being ferried from New Delhi, India to Toluca, Mexico for maintenance after being restored to flying condition by Source One Aircraft Repair. This was the last of the cannibalized Kingfisher A320 aircraft and had sat idle in DEL for almost 4 years.

Anonymous said...

n874AC is currently crossing the US/Mex border bound for MMTO. 1622Z, 4-5-2014