28 June 2014

American Decides To Put New Livery on 757s

American Airlines announced that they will paint 757-200s from both the American and US Airways fleets into the new American livery. It had been previously reported that the 757-200s, like American's MD-80s, would be phased out. But the carrier changed their mind, as it appears the 757-200s will remain in the fleet longer than intentioned. The US Airways 757-200s will be the first ones to be re-painted.

Regarding Hawai‘i, American uses their 757-223s for all of their flights to/from LAX, and US Airways uses their 757-2B7s for all of their flights to/from PHX.

Further details in this World Airline News report.

Editorial Note
It's not certain if the US Airways A320 legacy liveries will disappear. The American retro liveries on the 737-823 and 757-223, will probably be the last to be repainted. Considering the amount of airlines that has formed American Airlines, it would be nice to see full retro liveries, with an "Operated by American Airlines" decal by the L1 and R1 doors.

US Airways was formed out of mergers with America West Airlines, Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA), Piedmont Airlines, and Allegheny Airlines. It would be great to see those liveries live on, even the older PSA and AWE liveries, as well as the multi-red US Air livery on the A320 fleet.

American formed out of mergers with Trans World Airlines (TWA), Air California (later AirCal), and Reno Air. It would be great to see a 767-300 and 757-200 in TWA liveries, and AirCal and Reno Air liveries on 737-800s.

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