17 January 2015

Delta To Resume 747-400 ATL-HNL Service

Beginning in May, Delta Air Lines will replace their A330-300s with 747-400s on their ATL-HNL service, DAL837/836. That will mean a gain of 83 seats, as the Delta A330-300s has 293 seats, while their 747-400s have 376.


2003Z06 said...

Assuming $1000 per person R/T, that's about $83k per flight. Any idea how much the Boeing costs for the flight compared to the Airbus? Be an interesting cost analysis. Delta must know.

2003Z06 said...

Anyone know the economics of this? Does the additional revenue from ~80 pax cover the cost difference?

Blue Wave 707 said...

The 747-400 will also allow greater cargo capacity over the A330-300.