05 January 2015

HNL RareBirds At SEA

My wife and I took a Christmas trip up to Seattle, and flew its hometown airline, Alaska Airlines. Here were the photos I managed to take at both HNL and SEA.

N590AS (c/n 35687, l/n 2478, f/n 590) was the 737-890 we rode on to SEA, as ASA860, seen above at Gate 14 prior to departure. It was recently outfitted with the Split-Scimitar Winglets.

While waiting for our coffees, Japan Airlines' JA616J (c/n 35813, l/n 954) taxied in to Gate 24 as JAL786. This flight is normally operated by 787-8s.

The North half of Sea-Tac International Airport is dominated by Alaska Airlines. The North Terminal (above) five Alaska 737s, including N793AS (c/n 28888, l/n 2990, f/n 793), a 737-490 and N586AS (c/n 35189, l/n 2393, f/n 586), a 737-890.

At Gate C9, was N585AS (c/n 35683, l/n 2385, f/n 585), another 737-890.

N407AS (c/n 41731, 4278, f/n 407), a Split-Scimitar Winglet equipped 737-990ER being pushed out from Gate C17.

We were blessed to get a photo of N706AS (c/n 28894, l/n 3050, f/n 706), Alaska's Disneyland / Make-A-Wish 737-490 logo jet, seen parked at Gate D2.

N315AS (c/n 30019, l/n 1218, f/n 315), a 737-990 is seen above parked at Gate D1.

This 737-890, N531AS (c/n 35199, l/n 3287), was our ride back home to HNL. Surprisingly, we landed on Runway 8L just before midnight, when most arrivals after 20:00HST land on Runway 4R.

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