26 January 2015


N984AN (c/n 24357, l/n 262), a 767-383ER, has stopped off at JRF. It's making its ferry flight from HKT [Phuket International Airport, Phuket, Thailand] (via SPN) to the mainland, and arrived at JRF on Friday, January 23rd, and is owned by Sky Holding Company.

24357 was originally delivered to SAS Scandinavian Airlines [SK/SAS] in April 1989 as LN-RCB "Astrid Viking". It was leased to Air Europe [PE/AEL] (Italy) from December 1991 to October 1993 as I-AEJC. In August 1994, it was acquired by PAFCO, and leased to Avianca [AV/AVA] (Colombia) as N984AN, and remained with Avianca until June 2011. It was sold to Sky Holding Company, and leased to Business Air [8B/BCC] (Thailand) in January 2013 as HS-BIG, until it was returned last October.

Mahalo to team member Bargeld01 for spotting this airliner.

01.28.15 Update
N984AN departed JRF for SAT at 23:48HST,

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