15 February 2015

Aloha Air Cargo Returns N320DL

Aloha Air Cargo has returned N320DL "Nā Kōlea" (c/n 23092, l/n 1023) to sister company Northern Air Cargo (NAC). Aloha leased the 737-232F since August 2013.

Team member Drewski2112 got a shot of N320DL during a stop at BFI, as a white tail, when it headed back to ANC.


Dan said...

N320DL is back at HNL in all white, parked across from the commuter terminal. Maybe it thinks it IS a Kolea, and wants to spend summers in Alaska and winters in Hawaii?!

Blue Wave 707 said...


Aloha Air Cargo is having another 737-300F being converted.