15 February 2015

Heavies Taking Off From Runway 26R

With the crazy westerly winds we have been having for the past week and a half, most flights, including widebodies, were taking off from Runway 26R.  Normally, widebodies would still taxi out to Runway 26L ("The Reef Runway") or to Runway 22L during Kona winds.  The video above includes 26R takeoffs from all 3 aircraft types UPS flies to HNL, a KE 747-4B5, HIANG F-22, and an USAF KC-10 just taxiing down 26R to HIK.  The various clips were taken over several days during different times of the day.


Unknown said...

How often do the "Kona winds" happen/do the 26's get used? Just curious. Love the site! Would also love to send some shots I got from my trip.

Blue Wave 707 said...

If you have those photos on Flickr, SmugMug, or other photo sharing sites, please email us the links so we can view them.