15 April 2015


VQ-BTF (c/n 24923, l/n 332), a privately-owned 757-23A, has made a stop at HNL. It's currently registered to the Aquis Group and investor Tony Fung in Barbados.

24923 was originally purchased by AWAS, and due for delivery to Kenya Airways as 5Y-BHF, but was not taken up. In May 1991, it was then sold to Freeport-McMoRan, a Phoenix-based metals and mining company, as N680EM, then later N680FM. In April 1999, it was sold to Vulcan Northwest Inc., which is part of Paul Allen's Vulcan Inc. Four months later, it was re-registered as N756AF. This 757-23A was also the team charter for the Seattle Seahawks football team, as Paul Allen is the team's owner. In August 2007, it was sold to Google, Inc., and became N1757. And, in July 2014, it was acquired by the Aquis Group.


Kyle Mayne said...

Off to Canada apparently.

Jase Hylton said...

It's in Kelowna right now at YLW

YYC Dispatcher said...

Still in YLW as of 07-Aug-15 according to @WeeinYYC