01 May 2015

Aloha's N824AL

Our May edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to August 1999, with Aloha Airlines' N824AL "Kalaniopu‘u" (c/n 23045, l/n 978). The 737-282, seen above at Gate 49, wearing a special lei decal to commemorate the 1999 Aloha Festivals. In Hawai‘i, May 1st is known as Lei Day.

23045 was origianlly delivered to TAP - Air Portugal [TP/TAP] in July 1983 as CS-TEO. From April 1985 to October 1985, it was leased to Air Atlantis [EJ/AIA] (Portugal). Aloha Airlines acquired 23045 in March 1998. When the airline shut down operations in March 2008, it was placed into storage at MHV, and has been there since.

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