18 June 2015


N167CR (c/n 26278, l/n 671), a 757-2G5, is making a ferry flight from XSP to GYR, via GUM and HNL. It's owned by Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, and is due to be converted to a freighter, then leased to SF Airlines - (ShunFeng Airlines) [O3/CSS China].

26278 was originally delivered to LTU [LT/LTU] (Germany) in April 1995 as D-ABMO, under lease from ILFC. In April 2000, it was then leased to JMC Airlines [MT/JMC] (United Kingdom) as G-JMCG. When JMC Airlines became part of Thomas Cook Airlines [MT/TCX] in March 2003, G-JMCG was transferred, and painted in the Thomas Cook livery. During it's time with TCX, it was sub-leased to Air Scotland as SX-BLV (November 2003 - April 2004), and Jazz Air [QK/JZA Canada] (December 2010 - April 2011, and December 2011 - April 2012) as C-GJZD. In May 2014, it was sold to AerCap, and continued with TCX. In December 2014, it was withdrawn from service and stored at QLA [Lasham, United Kingdom]. This past April, it was moved to XSP [Seletar, Singapore], was acquired by WFBN, and registered as N167CR.


Anonymous said...

It's most likely going to GYR for cargo conversion by Aero Turbine.

Dr. Dre said...

The 757 doesn't look so good.