13 June 2015


NASA's N747NA (c/n 21441, l/n 306), their 747SP-21 with the SOFIA telescope in the aft cabin, is making its way to CHC, from PMD [Palmdale Regional Airport, CA], with a stop at HNL (or HIK). It arrived around 0230HST, and left for CHC before 0630HST.

This 747SP was originally delivered to Pan American World Airways [PA/PAA] in May 1977 as N536PA "Clipper Lindbergh". When Pan Am sold their Trans-Pacific operations to United Airlines in February 1986, N536PA was transferred in the sale, and became N145UA. It wore both the Saul Bass livery, and the grey/blue livery. NASA acquired N145UA in October 1997, and added the SOFIA telescope. It was re-registered as N747NA in April 2005.

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