07 June 2015

QFA94 Diversion

Qantas Airways' QFA94 [LAX-MEL] made a diversion to HNL with a medical emergency early this morning. The A380-842, VH-OQA "Nancy Bird-Walton" (msn 014), arrived at HNL shortly after 01:00HST, and departed before 03:00HST.


aviatorhi said...

That's the same plane that blew the engine in Singapore.

2003Z06 said...

Seems to be happening with some regularity. Qantas should make it a layover! Just kidding. Q: can the runways and taxiways handle the weight?

Blue Wave 707 said...

The runways and taxiways can handle an A380, but not for extended periods of service. Only Gates 9, 29 and 34 are marked to handle the Super Jumbo in cases of medical and maintenance diversions. However, there are no jet bridges to accommodate the upper deck.