12 July 2015

‘Ohana Acquires An ATR72

‘Ohana By Hawaiian has acquired an ATR72-212, N807HC (msn 432), and is being prepped by Empire Airlines, who operates the ATRs for ‘Ohana. It's not known, which routes ‘Ohana will use this ATR72, or if more are on order.

432 was originally purchased by Tarquin Ltd, and leased to Avianova [RD/NOV] (Italy) in March 1995 as EI-CLD "Fiume Piave". In November 1996, Alitalia and Alitalia Express [XM/SMX] acquired Avianova, and its fleet was transferred over. In December 2005, it was re-registered as I-ATRR. In March 2010, it was acquired by Magellan Aviation Services; and re-registered September 2010, back to EI-CLD. In March 2011, First Air [7F/FAB] (Canada) acquired this ATR72 as C-GRMZ. Last month, ‘Ohana by Hawaiian purchased 432 and registered it as N807HC.

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Kanye West said...

These Ohana planes are looking gorgeous. Hope we see more of them in the skies.