01 August 2015

One-Two-Go's XU-123

Our August edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" features One-Two-Go's [OG/OTG] (Thailand) 757-23A, XU-123 (c/n 24528, l/n 250) that made a stop at HNL in August 2004. One-Two-Go was the low-cost variant of Orient Thai Airlines [OX/OEA]. It also flew on behalf of Kampuchea Airlines, while with One-Two-Go. This 757-23A was making its ferry flight from DMK to the mainland, as it's lease had expired. As you can see above, XU-123 retained the MyTravel base livery, while adding its own titles, and replaced the tail logo. It was one of two 757-200s to get the airline started, but One-Two-Go went out of business in July 2010.

24528 was originally ordered by AWAS, and leased to Air Belgium [AJ/ABB] in October 1989 as OO-ILI. It was subleased to Icelandair from January to February 1996, and subleased to Sunways [SWY] (Sweden) from March 1996 to November 1997 as SE-DSM "Lennart Joahnsson". It was sold to Tombo Aviation in the same month, and Tombo leased 24528 to Britannia Airways as G-BXOL (December 1997-April 1999); Air Holland [GG/HLN - Netherlands] (April 1999-April 2000) and Transavia [HV/TRA] (April 2000-May 2001) as PH-AHP; British World Airlines [VF/BWL] (May 2001-May 2002) as G-OBWS; MyTravel Airways [DK/VKG - Denmark] (May 2002-October 2003) as G-CCMY; Kampuchea Airlines [KT/KMP - Cambodia] (October-December 2003) as XU-123; One-Two-Go, which was subleased from Orient Thai (December 2003-August 2004), keeping the Cambodian registration; and Omni Air International [X9/OAE - USA] (September 2004-November 2010) as N549AX {below}. It was sold to FedEx in December 2010, and was converted to a freighter. It entered service in October 2011, and flies as N939FD "Camila" (f/n 939).

In the above photo, N549AX is seen taking off from Runway 22L, when it was one of Omni's six 757-200s that took turns on the HNL-LAS-HNL charters for Vacations Hawaii, before the airline switched to the 767-200.

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