05 September 2015

Dynamic Airways N253MY

Arriving this morning, was a Dynamic Airways 767-23BER direct from JFK as DYA9001. Dynamic Airways operates a fleet of 4 767-200s and 1 767-300 on their New York (JFK-KJFK)-Georgetown (GEO/SYCJ), Guyana route and between Ft. Lauderdale (FLL/KFLL)-Maiquetia (CCS/SVMI), Venezuela.

N253MY (c/n 23974, l/n 214) first flew with Air Mauritius in April, 1988 as 3B-NAL. It flew with Air Mauritius until March, 2007 where it was acquired by KMW leasing and leased to MAXjet with the current registration. Within the same month that it was leased to MAXjet, the company ceased operations. N253MY then went to Air Italy as I-AIGI in July, 2008 and flew with the airline until February 2013. The airframe was then returned to KMW Leasing with its US registration and placed into storage until Dynamic Airways leased it in May, 2014.

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