26 September 2015


N612AX (c/n 48290, l/n 435), a former Omni Air International DC-10-30, is making a brief fuel stop at HNL from ABQ [Albuquerque International Sunport, NM]. It's bound for BNE, with a stop at PPG. The owner is listed as BC Aircraft Leasing LLC of Las Vegas, NV, and its one of the DC-10 firebombers.

This DC-10-30 began service with Thai International Airways in December 1987 as HS-TMB. In April 1998, Northwest Airlines acquired it, and registered as N239NW. In October 2006, Omni Air International acquired this trip-jet, and registered as N612AX, where it flew until January 2012. After it was withdrawn from use, it was placed into storage at GYR. Omni sold it to BC Aircraft Leasing in November 2013.

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Anonymous said...

Flew ABQ-HNL-PPG-BNE-XRH on lease to NSW Rural Fire Service.