01 October 2015

Hooters Air's N750WL

Our October edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" features Hooters Air's [H1] 757-2G5, N750WL "The Elle Kate" (c/n 23928 l/n 146). It's seen above as it returned to OAK, on a proving flight before they began a short-lived service.

23928 was originally delivered to LTU Sud [LU/LTS] (Germany) in October 1987 as D-AMUV. In November 1996, it was transferred to parent LTU [LT/LTU] with the same registration. During this time with LTU, it was sold to and leased back from UniCapital Air Group in December 1999. Several months later, in August 2000, it was sold to GATX, and the lease with LTU transferred. In March 2002, it was leased to Pace Airlines [PCE] as N751PA. In November 2003, it was re-registered as N750WL, and operated on behalf of Hooters Air. Following the closure of both Hooters Air and Pace Airlines, it was sold to Macquarie AirFinance, and leased to Aladia (Mexico) as XA-DIA. It was returned to Macquarie in December 1998 as N928MQ, and placed into storage at VCV.

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Anonymous said...

Had the pleasure of working on this bird. I was told it was scrapped.