31 March 2016


N24848 (c/n 24848, l/n 325), a 767-383ER owned by Well Fargo Bank Northwest, is ferrying from BKK to ROW as JTN5126, and is making an overnight stop at JRF. It was most recently with Business Air [8B/BCC] (Thailand), but has been in storage at BKK since the airline's shutdown in January 2015. Upon landing at JRF, it was noted that the two center windshields suffered cracks on the outer pane, but the crews feel it's safe enough to continue on to ROW.

24848 was originally delivered to SAS Scandinavian Airlines in September 1990 as SE-DKS, and re-registered as OY-KDN two months later. In October 2003, it was sold to Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management, and leased to Arkefly [OR/TFL] (Netherlands) as PH-AHY, to which it was subleased to Air Holland [GG/HLN] (Netherlands) for four months, then leased to BelgiumExel [HXL] for 11 months, then to Vietnam Airlines [VN/HVN] for three months before to would fly for ArkeFly (June 2005). It flew for the Dutch carrier until October 2010, when it placed into storage at SNN until January 2011. In March 2011, it was delivered to Business Air as HS-BID, and flew until the airline's shutdown in January 2015. The airline rebranded itself as Intira Airlines in July 2015, but has yet to begin operations, even though their website claims to start service in October 2015. WFBN acquired this 767 in February 2016 as N24848.

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