13 May 2016


ZK-KFS (msn 277), a Convair CV-5800F, that was with Air Freight New Zealand [AFN], is making its ferry flight from PMR (Palmerston, New Zealand) to YLW (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada). It's making stops at AKL, PPG, and HNL.

277 was originally delivered to the US Navy as an R4Y-1 in 1955 as BuNo 140994. It was re-classified as a VC-131F in 1962. In September 1986, it was retired from the USN, and sent to AMARC for storage. In November 1992, it was sent to the National Museum of National Aviation as N14094. In May 2001, it was acquired by Kelowna Flightcraft [KW/KFA] (Canada) as C-FKFS, and converted to the stretched CV-5800F variant, a few months later. In October 2004, it was ferried to AKL to join the Air Freight NZ fleet as ZK-KFS.

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