16 July 2016

Urumqi's B-1568

Urumqi Airlines is taking delivery of B-1568 (c/n 41179, l/n 5760) today. The 737-8EH is making its delivery flight from BFI as B1552, and will overnight at HNL.

This 737-8EH was originally ordered by GOL Transportes AĆ©reos as PR-GYE, but was not taken up. It was acquired by the Bank of Utah as N724AC in February 2016, and stored at CWF [Lake Chennault International Airport, Lake Charles, Louisiana]. Urumqi Air acquired it this month.

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user7700 said...

Actually N724AC was delivered to GOL, and transferred to its leasing subsidiary GAC Inc. (and placed in trust with Bank of Utah).