26 August 2016


N124WF (c/n 25180, l/n 2201), a 737-4Y0, is making its ferry flight from MNL to DHN, and has made a stop at HNL from MAJ, and continues to SBD tomorrow. It's owned by Southern Aircraft Consultancy (Bungay Suffolk, United Kingdom).

25180 was originally delivered to Futura [FH/FUA] (Spain) in January 1992 as EC-FLD, under lease from GPA. From April to July 1996, it was sub-leased to Air-Berlin as D-ABAJ. GECAS took over ownership of this 737-4Y0, and leased it back to Futura in July 1996 as EC-GHT. During the lease period, which lasted to October 2008, it was sub-leased to Are Lingus (as EI-CNF, from October 1996-April 1997), Ryan International Airlines (as N251RY, multiple times), and TransBrasil (as PT-TDG, December 1998-March 1999). Futura also had multiple Spanish registrations: EC-GHT, EC-GOB, EC-HBZ, and EC-KUI. In July 2009, GECAS leased 25180 to Sriwijaya Airlines as PK-CKD "Bersebah", until May 2015.

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