14 December 2016


VP-BEN (c/n 28530, l/n 390), a white tail 777-212ER, is ferrying from VCV to KUL(?), via HNL. It made a stop here this afternoon. After searching the Bermudan registry website, it did not give any information as to the current owner, nor previous registries. Aeros808 reports that the VP- registry is a decal over "9M-_GA". Searching for any 777-200s going to Malaysia turned up blank. The playback on FligthRadar24.com only showed its Mode-S Code, 42433E, as the only aircraft data.

28530 was originally delivered to Singapore Airlines in March 2002 as 9V-SQI. In June 2008, it was sold to Pembroke Aviation, then leased back to Singapore. It was withdrawn from service in December 2014, and flown to VCV for storage, where it was registered as EI-FGT.

Mahalo to Skyliners.de for getting us Boeing construction number and line number.

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