02 February 2017

Near Collision Incident At OGG

The Maui News reports that there was a near collision incident at OGG between a Makani Kai Cessna C208B Grand Caravan and a Hawaiian Airlines 717-200 yesterday morning. The 717 was departing from Runway 2 as HAL155 to HNL, and the Caravan was departing from Runway 5, which both runways cross paths at the departure end. The 717 was forced to make an evasive right turn to avoid the collision, then continued onto HNL without further incident, and no injuries were reported. Neither the Hawaiian Airlines 717-200 nor the Makani Kai Air Grand Caravan has been identified.

Mokulele Airlines commented at the end of the Maui News article, that none of their flights were involved in this incident. Hawaii News Now has identified the Grand Caravan as being from Makani Kai Air as identified by the FAA. In the FlightRadar24 playback, it does show the 717 change course, but does not show the Caravan, nor does it list which 717 it was.

Archived mp3 recording from LiveATC.net.

02.04.16 Update
The Aviation Herald reports that it was Hawaiian Airlines' N478HA and Makani Kai's N865MA (as their call-sign) as the two aircraft involved in this incident.

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