08 April 2017

Kalitta Air Ends 747-200F Operations

Kalitta Air has ended 747-200F operations on its LAX-HNL flight [CKS368/369] today. N793CK (c/n 23736, l/n 673), a 747-222BF, made the last flight, ending the 747-200F era at HNL. It will leave this afternoon on its farewell voyage. Kalitta will begin 747-400F flights on April 11th.

23736 was originally delivered to United Airlines in March 1987 as N151UA. In July 2000, it was acquired by Northwest Airlines as N645NW (f/n 6745), and converted to a freighter. After the Northwest Airlines / Delta Air Lines merger in October 2008, it was transferred over, but was withdrawn from service and stored at MZJ three months later. Kalitta Air acquired this 747-222BF in September 2010 as N793CK.

The last three -200Fs to fly for Kalitta, and flew the HNL-LAX route, were: N793CK, N794CK (c/n 23737, l/n 675), and N795CK (c/n 23111, l/n 594).

06.16.17 Update
N793CK has been sold to The Cargo Airline [TZS] (Republic of Georgia) as 4L-GEL.

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