31 July 2017

TransAir's N326TR

TransAir has acquired their fifth 737-200C, with N326TR (c/n 20917, l/n 344), a 737-210C/Adv, that was registered with the FAA this past May.

20917 was originally delivered to Wien Air Alaska [WC] in April 1974 as N4905W. It was leased to Saudi Aramco in February 1980 for six months. After it was returned to Wien Air Alaska, it flew with the airline until 1984 when the airline shut down, and the aircraft was acquired by CPC Leasing. In November that year, it was leased to TACA International [TA/TAI] (El Salvador) as N4905W. In August 2000, this 737 was acquired by Laserline Leasing, converted to a freighter, and leased to Estafeta Cargo Aerea [E7/ESF] (México) as XA-ABX, and flew with the airline until January 2005. In March 2006, it was acquired by Aloha Airlines [AQ/AAH] as N834AL, and flew for its cargo division until the airline closed in March 2008. It continued with the revamped Aloha Air Cargo, until early 2010, when it was flown to MZJ for storage. In May 2010, it was acquired by African Charter Airline as ZS-IAB, and leased to Bid Cargo in September 2015, until April 2017. It was ferried to somewhere in the Malaysia / Indonesia region.

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