29 October 2017

China Airlines Launches A350 Service To Hawai‘i

Today marked the first time that a A350-941 operated a revenue flight to Hawaii. Taipei's national carrier China Airlines, will now utilize the newest offering from Airbus on it's TPE-HNL-TPE (CAL1, CAL2) route.
Although the first revenue flight arrived today, it was not the first time that a A350 has visited Hawaii. On Friday evening, China Airlines' B-18901 (msn 049) arrived carrying Taipei's President and the CEO of China Airlines. It will remain in Hawaii while President Tsai Ing-wen is visiting the South Pacific region.

The tour of the South Pacific segment will be flown by B-18660 (c/n 41349, l/n5815) . The 737-8SH was ferried from Taipei via Guam and Majuro.

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