10 November 2017

Aloha ‘Oe Island Air

Island Air made its final flight this evening, MKU449 [OGG-HNL], as the 37-year-old airline will go into Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Liquidation. N683WP (msn 4554) made the last flight, which was greeted by applauding Island Air employees on the flightline. It was a sad end to the end of this airline.

Personal Note
Over the past 11 years, I was blessed to have shot photos for Island Air. It began with the re-brand after leaving the Aloha Air Group, and their first go-around with the Q400. Their 30th Anniversary celebration, the transition to the ATR72 and ownership change, and the return of the Q400 and another ownership change. It’s too bad another investor could not be found. Island Air will go in the books as Hawaii’s 2nd oldest airline to close its doors.

I have gotten to know a lot of great people at Island Air in those 11 years ... and my heart goes out to everyone of them. They are great people! I will miss seeing them around HNL … I will also miss their customer service which was always excellent, and the ground crew that would welcome arriving flights with shaka signs and waves, as well as the same for departing flights!

I am thankful that I was one of the very few aviation photogs, the folks at Island Air gave me permission to shoot photos from their second floor landing at their hangar, as well as on their ramp.

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Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking for an Island Air alumnus. I have nothing but great memories of my time there and all the wonderful people I worked with. Things were so exciting when Aloha sold them and the sky seemed the limit. From 4 to 11 airplanes in just a short time including the first Q400. Then a year or so later, it all disappeared and we were left with just the DHC-8-100s. Management could never figure a way to make money and was always reluctant to compete with the big purple next door. That was their downfall.

So many good people there who are looking for work. I wish you all well and nothing but hopes for the best in the future.

Aloha WP. It was real.