02 December 2017

N109JL In "Hawaiʻi Five-0" Episode

N109JL (msn 3109), a Linthicum Glassair III, owned by Benjamin Fouts of Kailua-Kona, HI, made an appearance in last night's episode of "Hawaiʻi Five-0". The episode had to do with an air racing pilot who crashed and the Five-0 team was asked to investigate the crash. N109JL was the aircraft flown by Commander Steve McGarrett in the episode. The "86", "Shadow Baron", and "Hammerade" markings were added for the episode. The above photo was taken while N109JL taxied on Taxiway C, while being filmed from the air by a Makani Kai helicopter with a ShotOver System camera mounted on the nose [top photo].

The new Makani Kai Air hangar was also used in the episode. Island Air's parked ATR72s could be seen in the background, along with a FedEx Feeder C208BF Grand Cargomaster.

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