10 March 2018


N315ST (c/n 22611, l/n 75), a 757-225F, is ferrying from GYR [Goodyear, AZ] to CHC [Christchurch, New Zealand], and is making a stop at HNL. It will also make a stop at APW [Apia, Sāmoa]. It will become VH-PQA for Pacific Air Express [PAQ], a new cargo airline in Australia.

22611 was originally purchased by GATX, and leased to Eastern Air Lines in December 1985 as N522EA. In October 1991, it was leased to Air 2000 as G-OOOW. In September 2002, it was leased to Air Atlanta Icelandic as TF-ARE. It was subleased to Excel Airways from April 2003 to November 2005, then from March 2006 to December 2006 as G-VKNC. 22611 was sold to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest as N315ST in December 2006, and converted to a freighter. In May 2007, it was leased to Varig LOG as PR-LGI, until June 2009. In October 2011, it was leased to DHL International as A9C-DHD, until June 2017.


Anonymous said...

This aircraft has arrived in NZCH/CHC this afternoon from APW.

Anonymous said...

This aircraft arrived in CHC NZ from APW.