26 July 2018

China Southern Airlines' B-1296

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery B-1296 (c/n 63266, l/n 7049) today. This 737-81B is making its delivery flight from BFI as CSN1296, and will overnight at HNL.


Jonathan Blubaugh said...

Working at Renton I have learned that Boeing has simplified the dizzying array of model numbers(reportedly under prodding from the FAA). In the past the model number depended upon the customer (737-790, 737-890, & 737-990/ER for Alaska; 737-832 & 737-932/ER for Delta)
Now the only remaining models numbers in use are:
737-700WL, 737-800WL, 737-900ER, & 737-800A, the latter for conversion to a P-8.
737-7, 737-8, 737-9, & soon 737-10.
767-300ER, & 767-2C, the latter for conversion to a KC-46, not sure about the 767 Freighter, might be 767F
787-8, 787-9, & 787-10
777-200ER, 777-300ER, 777F, & 777-200LR
747-8F, I think
No more slashes
So B-1296 is actually a 737-800WL

Blue Wave 707 said...

We still use the Boeing Customer Codes for the 737NGs, because our sources still use them as well.