01 May 2019

DHL's N802DH

Our May edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to January 1995, and this DHL Worldwide Express DC-8-73F, N802DH (c/n 46076, l/n 451), seen above on the North Ramp.

46076 was delivered to Air Canada in April 1969 as CF-TIO. In October 1984, it was converted to a DC-8-73F, and registered as C-FTIO. In December 1993, it was sold to MetLife Capital Corporation, and leased to DHL Worldwide Express as N802DH. In August 1998, it was sold to GECC, and the lease was transferred. DHL bought this DC-8 in May 2001. ASTAR Cargo acquired N802DH in June 2003, and operated it for DHL, until August 2011, when it was stored at IGM [Kingman, AZ]. In December 2017, it was bought by Skybus Jet cargo, but remains in storage.

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