28 March 2010

Korean Airlines Switches to A330-300s

Korean Airlines has switched from their Boeing 747-400s to Airbus A330-300s on their KAL051/052 flight beginning today.

Korean becomes the third airline using the A330 at HNL. Delta and JetStar are the others.

HL7586 (c/n 351), an A330-323X, is seen above being prepared for its flight back to Incheon.

Photo courtesy team member Aeros.


Pohakuloa said...

Doesn't Philippines use the 330 on occasion as well along with the 340's and the rare 744?

Blue Wave 707 said...

PR uses an A330, but not on a consistent basis.

The KE move is a "permanent" one.

ToroPoki said...

I thought Philippine used A340's to Hawaii?

Anonymous said...

I was on KE051 this morning and I can tell you right now....it sucks riding the A333 in Koreans config. Taller travelers like me suffer and I travel on this route a lot!

I rode over on the 744 in Feb and it was fine, even had the PTVs... I am definitely not in favor of this ridiculous change, not to mention Koreans ability to pack each flight to the GILLS every damn time!

Pohakuloa said...

Yes ToroPoki, they do, but once in a while an A330 is subbed in for the A340 once in a while, but it is normally the A340.