27 March 2010


N105KZ (c/n 22579), a 747-2D3BF, is en route to HNL from VCV. It's owned by the Wilmington Trust Co. (Wilmington, DE).

The 747 was originally delivered to Alia - Royal Jordanian Airlines as JY-AFS in 1981. In the late 80s, it then went to British Caledonian Airlines (BR/BCA) as G-CITB. After BCA was acquired by British Airways, it was repainted into the "Landor" livery. In the 90s, 22579 then was acquired by All Nippon Airways as JA8192. In the late 90s, JA8192 was converted to a freighter, and transferred to ANA's cargo subsidiary, Nippon Cargo Airlines (KZ/NCA). The 747-2D3BF was then acquired by Jett8 Airlines Cargo (JX/JEC) of Singapore in 2007, and registered 9V-JEA. Most recently, it was seen at VCV in storage.

***Update 03.28.10***
Flightaware.com has it routed to SIN.

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Anonymous said...

Would you happen to know where it is off to next at all?