02 June 2011

Skippers Aviation's C-GKUX

Skippers Aviation (JW) [Perth, Western Australia] is taking delivery of a Dash8-315Q, C-GKUX (msn 587). It's making its delivery flight from YYZ to PER, via GRR, CCR, and HNL. After HNL, the next stop is MAJ. It will receive an Australian registration once it arrives at the airline's home base.

C-GKUX was originally delivered to Spain's Air Nostrum (YW/ANE) [Iberia Regional] as EC-IIA in September 2002. The Q300 was returned to Bombardier this past April with this Canadian registration. It's seen above on the Bradley Pacific ramp, shortly after arriving from CCR.


L Gibb said...

She departed Honolulu for Majuro where she currently waits to depart for Cairns.

Anonymous said...

Arrived 6th June at Skippers Aviation, Perth Airport.
Is now VH-XKI

Blue Wave 707 said...

Thanks for the updates! :-)