01 July 2011

Saudia's HZ-AFX

The July edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" takes us back to September 1998, when this Saudia Gulfstream G-IV, HZ-AFX (msn 1143), paid a visit to HNL. It was one of four Saudia airliners that was part of an aviation entourage, as members of the Saudi Royal Family came to Hawai‘i for a vacation. This G-IV, parked on the Circle Rainbow Aviation ramp, was accompanied by two 747-368s and an L-100 Hercules. Both 747-368s were parked on Taxiway F, and the L-100 was parked on the ramp adjacent to Anderson Aviation, which contained vehicles for the royal family. The four airliners are part of the Saudi Arabian Special Flight Services.

HZ-AFX continues to fly with the Saudi Arabian Special Flight Services, though it has been re-painted, and does not wear any titles. The Circle Rainbow Aviation hangar has become the Castle & Cooke Aviation hangar, since 2006.

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OGGturbojets said...

That was likely Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah travelling "low key" with the 2 747's - on the way home after his meeting with President Clinton in 1998.

I was living in Saudi Arabia back then, and remember that meeting.

I suspect the G-IV was assigned to Saudi's U.S. Ambassador; Prince Bandar.

BTW, Abdullah is now their King.