29 September 2011

Россия RA-96018

An Илюшин (Ilyushin) Ил-96-300 from Россия (Rossiya-Russian Airlines) [FV/SDM], also known as the Russia State Transport Company, arrived at HNL yesterday afternoon. RA-96018 (c/n 74393202018) is parked on HNL's North Ramp. Of the four Il-96-300s in the SDM fleet, RA-96018 is the only one with a standard interior, while the other three have VIP interiors.

Team member FlyboyHNL spotted the Il-96 on approach for Runway 8L yesterday, and sent me a mobile phone photo to verify the type.

A big mahalo to team member Aeros for the early morning photo.

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Jordan said...

Just saw this on KHON 2. Keep up the great work!!!