04 October 2011


N829AR (c/n 26460, l/n 2533), a former Malaysia Airlines 737-4H6, that was acquired by the AAR Corporation (a Bank of Utah trustee) is at HNL, as it is being ferried from KUL to the mainland (via ROR, MAJ, and HNL). N829AR arrived late Saturday night, and has been undergoing maintenance on the right main landing gear on the AirService Hawaii ramp. It's scheduled to continue onto OAK, then IND, later this evening.

It was registered as 9M-MQC when it was delivered to MAS in October 1993. The 737-4H6 was sold to the AAR Corporation last month, and stored.

Special thanks to blog fan Gerald C for noticing N829AR parked on the AirService Hawaii ramp, and notifying us.

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