25 October 2011

Ex-RAAF 707-338Cs

Earlier this week, two ex-Royal Australian Air Force 707-338Cs arrived from Pago Pago Pago (PPG/NSTU), after coming out of storage at Richmond, New South Wales, Australia (RCM/YSRI). N624RH (c/n 19624, l/n 689) and N629RH (c/n 19629, l/n 737) were registered as A20-624 and A20-629, respectively. Note that N624RH [top photo] still has special tail markings commemorating the 707's 29 years of service with the RAAF. Omega Air Tankers recently brought three 707-300s from the RAAF. N623RH (c/n 19623, l/n 671) [A20-623] should be leaving Richmond any time now.

All of the three 707-338Cs were with Qantas before they were acquired by the RAAF. A20-623 was VH-EAC, A20-624 was VH-EAD, and A20-629 was VH-EAI.

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What a nice catch!