26 October 2011

Japan Airlines' 777 Flights

AirlinerRoutes.com reports that Japan Airlines will be substituting 777s on two flights. JAL's NGO service will have 777-246ERs on certain days, and JAL72/71 will have 777-346 service from 09-14 November.

Correction...JL72/71 will be 777-346ERs. JAL will also not be flying JL74/73 during APEC.


Pohakuloa said...

Nice! November is seeming to be an exciting month for me personally. Many new to me planes that I havent seen with my own eyes, the 773 being one of them. :)

ha763 said...

Please note that JAL will be bringing in 773ERs on JL72/71.

Korean used to fly their 773As here back in the early 2000's. I always counted the number of doors as they would use 772ERs on some days.