04 October 2011


This Cessna C208B Caravan, N900SA (c/n 208B0816), made an appearance on last night's episode of Hawai‘i Five-0, "Kame‘e". It's owned by Avtran LLC (Clayton, MO), and is seen above taxiing out of the Anderson Aviation ramp for departure. 


QW said...

Whats the story with N900SA? Is it staying in Hawaii or heading back to the US mainland?

Anonymous said...

Just saw the H 5-0 episode. Sorta interesting they apparently needed to spend the time and cash to ferry a Caravan from the mainland when Dillingham has something like 3 of them doing the job exactly as shown in the show. But with the activity the skydiver businesses have been enjoying, I bet they wouldn't want to let their aircraft go at any price! BTW, noticed the N900SA registration number was altered for the show.