26 June 2012

Malaysia's 9M-MLO

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of their newest 737-8H6 today. 9M-MLO (c/n 39325, l/n 4085) is making its delivery flight as MAS5403. It's seen above on the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp, briefly after parking in its overnight parking spot. Note that the winglets on 9M-MLO lack the MAS logo.


Airsquad9 said...

According to Aviation Week magazine, Malaysia has been going through an identity crisis with management changing hands. The previous management wanted the new all-blue scheme (like on the A380) but now that they're out and the old management is back , they want to return to the iconic red/blue. This 738 looks more like it's of what to come.

sean cruise said...

The all white 9M-MLN underwent painting in KUL. Same for 9M-MLO thy are both painted in standard red blue swoosh. The all blue livery seen on the A380 is only for the A380. The other such as the B737-800 and A330-300 will retain the red blue swoosh Llivery.