24 June 2012


A former United Airlines 737-524, N17620 (c/n 27333, l/n 2660, UAL f/n 0260), is making its way from EWR to CGK, destined for the Sriwijaya Airlines [SJ/SJY] fleet. It began its journey on May 9th, and has made stops at MSY, IAH, OAK, LIH, and HNL so far. This 737-524 has been fitted with Aviation Partners Boeing Blended Winglets (in September 2009). It arrived at HNL this afternoon from LIH.

This 737-524 is seen above on HNL's South Ramp, with its United titles and most of the tail logo painted over, the next morning, awaiting its next leg to MAJ.

N17620 was originally delivered to Continental Airlines in February 1995, under lease from GECAS. It continued on with United Airlines following the merger of the two carriers. It was returned to GECAS two weeks ago, and now headed to Indonesia, its the second of a dozen 737-500s bound to replace Sriwijaya's 737-200s.

*** 06.28.12 Update ***
N17620 departed for MAJ this morning, but returned to HNL after reaching waypoint MCFLY, due to a maintenance issue.

*** 07.01.12 Update ***
It finally departed for MAJ and BIK today.

*** 12.03.12 Update ***
27333 was re-registered as PK-CLD.


Moku Pics said...

Look forward to seeing this in Sriwijaya colours. See you in Bali. (though i will miss the -200 roaring over...)

Blue Wave 707 said...

We still got the Aloha Air Cargo 732s roaring out of HNL. ;-)