01 September 2012

Saudia's HZ-115

The September edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" takes us back fourteen years, when this Saudia VC-130H, HZ-115 (c/n 382-4845), paid a visit to HNL, along with two 747-368s and a G-IV. This VC-130H, assigned to the  Saudi Arabian Royal Flight, brought in limousines for the Saudi Royal Family to be driven around O‘ahu (one, under port side wing), and was parked on the upper part of the South Ramp.

HZ-115 continues to fly with the Saudi Arabian Royal Flight in the current Saudi Arabian Airlines colors.

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Anonymous said...

HZ115 is no longer in the VIP colours that she flew in for many years.
She was noted at Warton aerodrome in Lancashire UK last week. This is where Eurofighter Typhoons are built.
When she departed she flew over my house in Liverpool around 9000 feet up, and she is now in a dar desert camo scheme. And I understand she is now serialed 485.

Love the blog guys, keep the pics coming too!!!

John spencer (UK)