10 April 2014


A former Air New Zealand 737-33R, ZK-SJB (c/n 28868, l/n 2881), is making its way to GYR from CHC, after the airline retired this 737. Southern Cross is doing the ferry flight as SXA1409, and will overnight at HNL, after arriving from APW.

28868 was originally purchased by Orix Aviation, and leased to Western Pacific Airlines [KMR] in May 1997, as N963WP. After the shutdown of Western Pacific in February 1998, it was leased to VASP [VP/VSP] (Brazil) as PP-SFK, three months later. In June 2000, Freedom Air International [SJ/FOM] purchased the 737-33R from Orix, and became ZK-SJB. When Air New Zealand acquired Freedom Air in October 2005, it was transferred to the ANZ fleet.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of ZK-SJB at HNL, but MRC Aviation did at CHC.

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Yorden van de Weteringh said...

Was actually operated by Southern Cross International (Callsign: Southern Cross) as SXI1409, not Southern Cross Aviation (Callsign: Ferry).