05 December 2015

Sriwijaya Air's PK-CML

Sriwijaya Air is taking delivery of PK-CML "Gaharu" (c/n 30636, l/n 768), and the 737-8Q8 is flying as SJY1003. It arrived this evening from GYR.

30636 was originally delivered to ILFC, and leased to Mandarin Airlines [AE/MDA] in February 2001 as B-16805. In October 2003, it was sub-leased to China Airlines with the same registration, until it was returned to ILFC in early 2009. In May 2009, it was leased to GOL Transportes AĆ©reos as PR-GIX. It was also sold to AerCap in May 2014, and the lease continued until September 2015, where it was placed into storage at GYR.

12.08.15 Update
PK-CML is still at HNL.

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