06 June 2019

Asia Pacific Airlines' N752AL

Asia Pacific Airlines is adding their third 757-200F, with N752AL (c/n 25140, l/n 382). This 757-230F is underwent freighter conversion at VQQ [Jacksonville, FL]. It's now at FTW for painting.

25140 was originally delivered to Condor in July 1991 as D-ABNF. From 1996 to early 2002, it wore the "Rizzi Bird" special livery. In July 2002, it was leased to Thomas Cook Airlines, and returned in May 2004. In December 2006, it was sold to GOAL, then leased to L'Avion (Elysair) [France] as F-HAVN. In April 2009, it was leased to Open Skies, and sold to Aerolease, where it flew until January 2019. Asia Pacific Airlines bought 25140 in March 2019, and had it converted to a freighter in January.

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Marcel van Noordenne said...

aircraft was ferried from Jacksonville/VQQ to Fort Worth/FTW June 5th; presumably for repaint.