06 June 2019

Weststar Aviation's N800AK

N800AK (c/n 20045, l/n 596), a 727-23 most recently with Weststar Aviation Services [Malaysia], is ferrying from SZB [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] to TOL [Toledo, OH], via SPN, JRF, and MCC [McClellan Airbase, Sacramento, CA]. It's being ferried by Jet Test as JTN9127, and making an overnight stop at JRF this evening. This 727 is now owned by Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee [Onalaska, TX], and due to be parted out and scrapped.

20045 was originally delivered to American Airlines in July 1968 as N2913. In December 1980, it was sold to Parker Drilling as N2913. In April 1987, it was sold to Moorgate Inc. Westfield Aviation purchased this 727 in October 1988 as N727WF. During its time with Westfield, it was re-engined with Rolls-Royce Tays, and winglets installed. In July 1999, it was sold to Bombardier Capital, and leased back to Westfield. In September 2003, it was leased to Peninsula Aviation LLC as N800AK. It was also sold to the Bank of Utah (August 2012), then Aircraft Guaranty Corp (June 2013). It was leased to Weststar in May 2014, and re-painted to match Weststar's other 727-23, VP-BDJ.

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