31 March 2020

Estafeta N477VX

N477VX (c/n 28861, l/n 2910), a 737-46QF owned by VX Capital Partners, is making its ferry flight from CGK to SBD, via BIK, MAJ, and HNL. The 737 due to be leased to Estafeta Cargo Area [México], and is already painted in their livery. It's scheduled to make a brief fuel stop at HNL tonight.

28861 was originally delivered to Air Europa in July 1997 as EC-GPI, leased from Boullion AS. From April 1998 to April 2001, it was sub-leased to Iberia. In July 2002, it was sold to Aviation Capital Group, and leased to Air One as EI-CXI. In July 2007, it was leased to Garuda Indonesia as PK-GZP until June 2012. Two months later, it was sold to VX Capital Partners, and converted to a freighter. Gading Sari Aviation Service was the first lessee for the freighter in March 2013 as 9M-GSB. When they shutdown in February 2015, it was transferred to Asia Cargo Express, and flew until September 2018, then stored at CGK six months later. It was painted in the Estafeta livery earlier this year, and will receive a Mexican registration upon delivery.

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