01 April 2020

Harmony Airways' C-GMYC

Our April edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" dates back to December 2005, and Harmony Airways' 757-258, C-GMYC (c/n 23917, l/n 152), pictured above exiting Runway 4R on Taxiway K, after a flight from YVR.

23917 was originally delivered to El Al Airlines in November 1987 as 4X-EBL (f/n 501), under lease from Boeing Capital, and returned in January 2001. It was leased to HMY Airlines in November 2002 as C-GMYC (f/n 801). The airline re-branded as Harmony Airways in May 2004, but ceased operations in June 2007. This 757 has been sitting in storage at GWO since Harmony's closure.

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